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Hello, all.  My name’s Jacob and this is my modest blog.  I’ve never really enjoyed describing myself much, but I’ll give it a go for this small section.  I’m a husband and a father who enjoys spending time with his family.  I’m also a police officer who works patrol in a moderate-sized city in Eastern North Carolina, and I enjoy my job almost as much as I enjoy family time.


The idea for this blog came to me one night while I was writing a Facebook post about a news article I had read.  What started out as a small comment attached to a story turned into an essay that was longer than the article it was attached to.  I realized then that I missed writing (I haven’t done much of it since I graduated from college), and so I decided to start a blog where I could share stories I came across.  I also wanted to share stories of things that happened to me, both personally and professionally, and how they relate to events in today’s world.  I also hoped that by sharing these stories that I could get feedback and have discussions with people, because I miss the intellectual and challenging conversations I used to have in college.  I want to connect with others with similar experiences while also learning from those who may  differ from what I have to say.


I’ll also be recommending webpages and blogs from people I enjoy reading from, as time permits.


I’m still getting all of this set up and I’ll me making changes to how things look and adding more information to my “About Me” section as time goes along.  Until then, if you have any questions please feel free to leave me comments or messages.  Thanks for visiting!

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